Since Plushform is an all-new way to customize a toy, we can imagine you have a question or two. Look no further! If by chance we missed something, let us know...

Q. Where can I buy Plushform?
A. Plushform can be purchased directly from this site. You can also buy Plushform from a number of stores around the world. Get in touch here email, and we'll respond as soon as possible with a list of stores in your area.

Q. What materials can I use with my Plushform?
A. Practically anything! We know any 2D media will work including but not limited to pen, pencil, charcoal, marker, acrylic paint, oil paint, spray paint, ink, washes and much more. And that's just stuff directly on the surface—imagine what can be added to this 3D form, whether it's glued, sewn or otherwise. Since this is a relatively new product, we're anxious to hear what you do with your Plushform, so be sure to get in touch with us and, better yet, send us photos of your work either via our image upload utility or via our Flickr group. We hope there are no limitations.

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Q. My Plushform got dirty, is it washable?
A. Like any plush toy, we recommend at most a bit of spot cleaning with a slighty damp cloth and maybe some very mild *soap. Never submerg your Plushform in water or put it in the dryer. Doing so will damage both the special coating and also the shape. Plushform isn't intended to be washed and reused after decoration. However, if a mistake happens or you just feel like starting over you could prime/paint over the surface. (see below) *Please refer to the manufacturer's information regarding any product you may use.

Q. Do I have to prime and/or prep my Plushform?
A. No, Plushform is ready to be worked on right out of the package. However, if you're using a specific media that requires a special surface, you may need to prime or coat it. Likewise, if you desire a very smooth surface, you may want to add an additional primer coat and lightly sand the surface. Please read and follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding any product you may use. Doing so insures you the safest and best result.

Q. Once I'm finished, how do I protect my Plushform surface?
A. Different art mediums may require or prohibit different finishes. For most, a spray on artist grade clear coat should do the trick. Make sure the media you used is compatible with the various types of clear coats available. As with all sanding, spray painting and other such activities, we strongly recommend the use of a respirator or other face coverings.

Q. Will the surface of my Plushform crack if painted?
A. A Plushform is a stuffed object made of a special coated fabric and stuffed with poly-fill inside. There is the possibility of certain thick paints and other hard coatings cracking if the Plushform is squeezed or handled roughly (especially if the paint becomes brittle over time!). Your finished creation is a unique work of art and we suggest treating and displaying your finished Plushform in the same way fragile objects are displayed: On a shelf, or in a glass case, not handled unless absolutely necessary.

Q. Can I play and sleep with my Plushform after I create it?
A. Sure! However, We suggest you think about that when you choose what you use to decorate your Plushform. The materials you use will effect how durable or fragile your creation will be. Fabric markers are a great way to make a permanant colorfull Plushform that will endure lots of fun and play.

Q. How do I add things to my Plushform?
A. While most adhesives like hot glue and epoxy will do the trick, Plushform is unique in that you can sew fabric and other things onto the soft, rounded surface. A curved upholstery needle and appropriate thread or yarn should do the trick if attaching additional fabric or stuffed appendages to your Plushform. Be careful when sewing, and use a thimble if necessary, to protect your fingers!

Q. Why is the little tag on the side of my Plushform blank?
A. We left the front side of the little tag on your Plushform blank for your lovely signature or to customize as you see fit. The back needs to have the info printed on there for legal reasons, sorry.

Q. What is the difference between Plushform and DIY Ninja?
A. Only the name! The first Plushform PFOO1 is inspired by and based on the popular Wee Ninja shape from Shawnimals' Ninjatown line of characters. Both products are the same size and made of the same materials.

Q. I want to sell Plushform in my store! How can I get them?
A. Thanks for the interest! Contact our wholesale distributor here email to set you up an account. They will provide shipment info, pricing and more. Different accounts can be set up for retailers, schools and other groups such as the Scouts and Art centers.

Q. Can my class/group have a Plushform workshop or art show?
A. Yes, that's an excellent idea! Plushform workshops and art shows are a great fun way to celebrate a creative, collective "body" of works. (sorry for the pun) Better yet, we would be happy to help. We offer discounts for bulk purchases of 24 pieces or more.

Q. I made a custom Plushform and I want to show the world, how do I do that?
A. There's two ways to share an image of your Plushform custom with us: via the Plushform Flickr group or on our Facebook Page. Since this is a relatively new medium / product, we're anxious to hear what you do with your Plushform, and hope you'll be a part of our growing community.

Q. Where can I see Plushform creation in person?
A. Check our News page or follow us on your favorite social media site for the most up-to-date info about shows and workshops around the world. You can keep up with us via; Facebook Facebook, Flickr flickr, Twitter twitter, and Instagram .

Q. Where can I get a Plushform template to sketch out my ideas?
A, You can get a full-sheet Plushform template right here (PDF).

Q. But I still have more questions about Plushform?
A. OK, just send us an email email and we will do our best to make it all clear.